The Benefits of Regular Bathroom Drain Cleaning

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Cleansing a drainpipe is not fun by any means, but it is an integral part of being a home owner or renter. When you clean your restroom drains on a monthly basis, you can prevent obstructions, stay clear of bad odors, as well as identify underlying issues that can bring about pricey repair service prices. Cleansing a drainpipe is simple, as well as only takes ten minutes with a serpent as well as drain cleaner. While there is nothing incorrect with cleansing your shower room drains yourself, we recommend that you have a plumber tidy all of the drains pipes in your home every couple of months. Below is an extensive take a look at why you should cleanse your bathroom drains pipes on a monthly basis:

Protect against Blockages

One of the most obvious reasons for cleansing your bathroom drains each month is to stop blockages. A great deal a lot more decreases the drainpipe than you would certainly believe-- skin flakes, eyelashes, dirt, as well as hair. All of these fragments accumulate and ultimately trigger blockages. Also a small clog can make your sink or shower practically unusable. When you clean your drains pipes frequently, you will not end up with deep obstructions that need strong chemicals and specialist devices. While you can clean your bathroom drains pipes by yourself, we recommend that you call a plumber to expertly clean your drains pipes a few times each year.

Prevent Bad Odors

There is absolutely nothing more unpleasant than a reeky washroom. Obstructed drains can cause bacteria to accumulate, causing poignant smells. A professional plumber can not just unblock your drainpipe yet also deodorize it. You can put hot water and also bleach down the tubes to eliminate several of the poor scents, however that is only a temporary repair.

Recognize Underlying Issues

When you tidy your drainpipe once a month, you can identify underlying issues before they end up being severe troubles. For instance, if you see particles appearing of your bathroom drains with a snake cleaner, they could be rusting. Any irregular things appearing of a drain should raise problems. If it is not simply the normal hair and crud, you must call a plumber to see if your washroom drains need to be fixed.

Faster Draining

Do you dislike the sensation of standing in a number of inches of water in the shower? A slow-draining sink or shower is a great sign that you need to clean the pipes. When you clean your drains monthly, you should never ever need to stress over slow-draining sinks or showers. Not only that, but faster-draining pipelines aid keep your sink as well as shower cleaner.

Prevent Substantial Damage

As mentioned, consistently cleansing your shower room drains can help identify underlying problems that are a lot more significant than a sink obstructed with hair. The average cost to fix a drain line is $696, which is far more expensive than the mere $10 it requires to clean your drains month-to-month. Major obstructions can damage your entire plumbing system and also even have an impact on the general public systems and also the quality of water.


You rinse off your dishes after a meal and notice that water pools in the kitchen sink as you load the dishwasher. You brush your teeth and the bathroom sink is slow to drain. You take a shower and dirty water pools at your feet – all of these are signs that your home has clogged drains!

A lot of people don’t think about their drains until there’s a problem, that’s the main reason why they put maintenance on the backburner. If they’re smart, they’ll get the clogged fixed and clean their drains and they’ll have them re-cleaned as a preventative measure in a couple of years.

Hate getting that unexpected clog the night you’re hosting a dinner to your 10 closest friends? Afraid your kitchen sink will get clogged on Thanksgiving? Afraid your shower will clog when your mother-in-law visits for a week? Getting your drains cleaned regularly is the only way to prevent surprise clogs that always seem to occur at the worst times.

Not everyone is at the same risk for a clogged drain; there are definite factors that increase the risk. For example, if you live in an old home with original plumbing, chances are, your pipes have taken a beating. If you're a landlord and you rent out your second home, your renters may be pouring the grease down your kitchen sink because “it’s just a rental.”

If you cook at home and constantly using your garbage disposal instead of throwing food waste in the trash, ground-up food from the disposal could be depositing large amounts of sludge and debris into the pipes, which can be slowly restricting water flow until a clog becomes inevitable. If you’re not being cautious and you’re grinding up eggshells, coffee grounds, rice, pasta, potato peels, carrots, and celery, a clog can surprise you at any moment.

The two major reasons for clogs are your habits and behaviors! For example, you’re at a higher risk for clogged drains if you don’t have a dishwasher. If your drains are clogging every month, it’s wise to get them cleaned right away. As for maintenance, we recommend cleaning them every two years, but we may suggest more frequent cleanings if you have a large household and use the sinks a lot.

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